The Friends of Culmore Primary School - PTA

Friends of Culmore Primary School was established to support the work of our school. It allows opportunities for parents to meet in an informal setting. Parents and teachers meet regularly to plan fun events for the children. They also organise fund-raising ventures which allow children to see parents and teachers working together for their benefit. Invitations for these events are sent out to the wider community. Many newcomers have commented on the friendly, enjoyable atmosphere and the warm welcome they have received. We are always extremely grateful for the work and support of the FOCPS. They have provided lovely refreshments for Prize Days, Christmas shows, Sacramental Celebrations and other events. Their willingness to accompany class and school trips is always appreciated. The funds raised by this committee have enabled us to provide optional extras; in order to skill our children in preparation for their future. Please join us! We need you and your ideas! Six good reasons to join The Friends of Culmore Primary School 1. Being actively involved in FCPS fund-raising events will help you get to know your child’s teacher better understand the way the school works and all the problems, challenges and joys they find in their work. 2. Being part of the FCPS will help you get to know other parents and their children. This is important for school matters but also great for a more active social life. 3. Money raised in school events is used to pay for little extras which can make school a bit special this could be an interactive whiteboard a school trip or a trip to the theatre. 4. By joining the ‘Friends’ you have a chance to promote and enhance your schools standing within the local community. 5. Talking to other parents gives us the opportunity to share experiences and parenting tips. 6. Everyone has different skills and talents they can bring to the PTA/Friends and parents are a great interface between school and the outside world. If you work it out the commitment is not too much. The occasional evening meeting (once a month) the summer fayre and the a few other fund-raisers all great fun.  
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